Top 5 Most Subscribed PUBG Youtube Channels


PUBG has completely changed the scenario of the gaming world in India.

It opens the door for new gamers who couldn't afford a high-end gaming PC or console.

Now, they can play and enjoy Pubg with their friends on their Smartphones anytime and anywhere they want, they just need their Smartphone and an Internet connection.

that's the main reason apart from the Pubg exciting Maps, weapons,Modes and unique features, of getting popular among teens and grown-ups 

Its influence is so massive on the Indian audience that everyone wants to own a PUBG YouTube channel.

But it is not that easy as it looks, for a successful YouTube channel you have to be a skilled Gamer and a good and engaging entertainer.

For that, you look at the Some of the most subscribed Pubg Youtube channels to get a better idea and understanding.

Let's look at the Names. 

Top 5 most Subscribed Pubg Channels

  • Atro

If you are Pubg buff, you must have heard Atro's name.

Atro has the most number of subscribers on this list, a whopping 12 million youtube subscribers.

Even after most of the Atro's content is in the Arabic language.

You see "Game has no language"

His numerous gameplay videos are so engaging and interesting that they touched the mountain of 20 million views on a single video.

  • Panda

If we talk about who the next on the list, then it will be none other than Panda, possessing an 11 million YouTube subscribers fanbase.

His humorous way of eliminating his Opponents, crates opening, or say upgrading weapon skins to max attracts and engages more and more people.

His average videos will easily touch the mark of 500k views and sometimes millions.

We saw Panda videos and SNAP! time gone.

So engaging. 

  • Dynamo Gaming

Adi Sawant aka "Dynamo" gaming is the most subscribed Indian pubg YouTube channel.

Recently Dynamo YouTube channel made it to a huge milestone of 10 million YouTube subscribers, Congratulations to him from our side.

Whenever he knocks out his opponent he uses a unique tagline "Patt se headshot" (straight to the head).

  • Levinho

Levinho, also known as Brian also made it to the list due to its mammoth number of YouTube subscribers.

Although His YouTube subscribers are still unaware of his face, as he still kept it as a secret but he couldn't keep his gaming skills and reflexes hidden, it bloomed and made a Swedish Gamer a Pubg star. 

It turns out that his subscribers and fans like funny sketch videos related to Pubg.

  • Tecaz

Tecaz or you could say Nguyen Trong is last but the least on our list.

Tecaz is widely popular and holds a decent amount of YouTube subscribers, numbered around 7 million and counting.

He is quite popular because of his fun challenges, for instance, playing with Groza+6x scope or AKM + 6x scope with no recoil isn't it amazing?

His fragging skills made him viral and his content made him grow as a Gamer.

If you look at the above Names all started from somewhere and now they are here in the list of most subscribed Pubg youtube channels, you can do it too and make your name.

To help in your quest, we have brought some of the best pubg tips and tricks 2022 that will assist you in becoming A Pro player, or maybe you can win a pubg tournament one day. who knows?

So without being a wall between you and pro player tag.

Let's begin with Pubg Pro tips and tricks

Pubg Pro tips and tricks

As we said here is the Pubg pro tips and tricks or you can say BGMI tips and tricks.

  • Playing with Edge

If you notice most of the Pro players uses this tactics to play along with the edge.

You have to do the same, try to play with edge and start moving with it, analysis the situation, act accordingly.

One more advantage of playing with the edge is you have to keep your eyes only on the front side which is not hard as keeping your eyes everywhere back and forth.

  • Make sure you are boosted.

Beginners or rookies often do this mistake that they don't boost.

Yes, it is important to boost even if you have full health, especially when the game is about to end.

Painkillers and drinks not only regenerates your health, but also helps you in sprinting.

That one painkiller or drink you can get you Winner winner chicken dinner and make your day.

  • Pick always level 3 helmet and Vest

Everyone know that Picking a high level vest and helmet will obviously protect you more.

What's new in that?

Yes, you're indeedly, right.

But sometimes with the vest there's a condition when you play aggressively your level 3 vest gets damaged, in that cases it is better to take New 2nd level vest instead of carrying that 3rd level vest.

Play smartly, these small things matters.

  • Don't just Rush

 to the enemies once spotting them, Mark their movement, knock at least their one team member and always head with your team members.

A better cordination with the team members will always helps in winning, also strings your bond more.

  • Get camouflage in the environment

 for instance, if you choose vikendi map, wear white outfit or that outfit that helps you in getting shadowed.

  • Take cover of bushes and surprise your opponents.
  • Keep changing your strategies, don't let's your enemies predict your moves.
  • Lastly, 

pick only that battles that which you believe you can win.

As we mentioned above, Act smartly because the next person is also here to eliminate you.



We wish that the PUBG/ BGMI tips and tricks we have provided might help you in becoming a pro player and assists you in becoming the most subscribed Pubg youtube channel.


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